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Effective advertising messages in Google Ads

Advertising messages are one of the most important factors that determine advertising effectiveness. Writing them correctly requires several basic requirements that must be covered. Although it may not seem complicated at first, writing good advertising messages is sometimes a really complex and thorough process.

Google limits titles to 30 characters and descriptions to 90 characters, which forces creativity within a certain limit. Using the right practices is essential to fit into this framework, capture the user's attention and engage them with the particular ad.

In this article, we'll look at basic practices that make ad messages "compelling" and "effective."

What are Google Ads creatives?

Before we get into the details, let's first define what Google Ads creatives are.

Creative is the text that appears on the output view of the ad we create. In most cases, it refers to the texts of the text ads in Google (text search ads).

 In this article, we will mainly talk about this type of ads and their advertising messages, but the foundation and practices can be used with other types of ads as well.

Practices/Strategies that make advertising messages effective

We'll look at a few strategies that will help you make your ad messages much more effective.

1. Use all available writing fields

Google allows adding up to 15 titles and 4 descriptions. This makes a total of 810 characters in which to describe the product or service we are trying to sell to the customer.

It is extremely important to use the maximum that Google allows us, being careful not to copy ourselves. Any available field should display a benefit, discount, or something else that will get the user to take the action we want them to do.

2. Use CTAs that match user interest

Using CTAs in our ad messages isn't new, but it's important to do it the right way. 

Users who search for a specific service/product by a given keyword that we want our ad to be shown to already have a specific event they want to do. It doesn't matter if it's to gather information, make an inquiry or directly order, there's always something.

In this way, we should also make our CTAs using this exact bet event.

For example: if we are advertising clothes, and the main action in the user's brain is placing an order, then in the CTA it is a good idea to use "Quick order now", "Order now" and so on.

An example of using a CTA that responds to user interest

3. Use keywords

We all know about the use of keywords, because of the increase in the quality score of the ad, and hence a cheaper cost per click.

A trick you can use is to use the keywords in the ad extensions as well. In this way, the quality score is also affected, and there is a greater chance that extensions will be shown in searches, even if you do not have the biggest budget of all advertisers.

Extensions are a perfect place to use strong CTAs as well.

4. Create a sense of urgency

A good trick that works is to create urgency in the consumer's mind. For this purpose, you can use keywords such as:

  • Limited quantity
  • Few units left
  • Offer expires soon
  • Discount expires soon

Creating urgency is the most recognizable, but also one of the most effective methods of getting a user to engage with your ad and even convert into a customer.

In this way, the product/service appears more in demand, which means higher quality and difficult to buy only in a certain period.

An example of creating urgency for a business benefit (discounts)

4. Be considerate of users

The truth is, the customer probably doesn't care about the profit or turnover you make from the product/service you offer them. They care about the value they receive.

That's why it's good to find the problems they hate to encounter when doing the specified action and ensure their absence.

Although not applicable in all cases, it is a really effective method of establishing a relationship with the customer. He will want to go back to where it takes him the least to get to the value he wants and is looking for.

Here, the business indicates that there is NO need to reserve an appointment in advance.

5. Focus users only on what they really want

While it's good to describe as many benefits as possible of the service/product you're selling, you shouldn't risk losing their attention. That's why, in an age where every second of consumer attention matters and costs businesses dearly, you can't afford to lose the customer's attention.

Focus him only on what he really wants to hear about the product/service. Don't bury him in an avalanche of benefits that he most likely has no interest in right now and aren't needed to do the specific action.

Summary of strategies and practices

There are many strategies. The most correct thing is to try as much as possible and experiment. What works for one business probably won't for another, but that's exactly what's interesting about marketing.

If you're just getting started with your ads, the best advice is to just be patient, because marketing is a process. There is no universal formula for success, that's why there will be good and bad statistics.

Such an article can be extremely long, because there is a lot of information on the subject. The above-mentioned things are a sample of our practice and everyday life at We've revealed some of the tactics we use with our clients on a daily basis. *Feel free to steal.

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