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Powerful Google Tools for Business: Law Firms

Advocacy is a liberal profession, but also a regulated profession. It was created primarily as a public service in favor of good justice.

Advertising of lawyers and law firms is banned in Bulgaria, despite the EU's fight to lift the ban.

What if we told you that you could have an internet presence that could compete with other firms and lawyers, but without breaking the bank?

What is a local business profile?

The local business profile is the option to sue the “internet business card' of your law firm, which competes with other business profiles of other businesses in the same field for higher positions in the Google search engine.

Business profiles appear on Google Maps and in local Google Search results, allowing you to reach a large audience in a short amount of time.

Benefits of a local business profile

In addition to not overpaying for advertising that you are not entitled to pay for anyway, you get a large local reach, which guarantees a large influx of potential customers.

There are many other benefits, here are the most important ones:

1. Basic and important information about your business

A business profile is where you can describe your business and give the most important information that potential customers may need.

Some of this information:

  • contact phone number
  • business description
  • business location
  • offered services
  • contact email
  • updates/news about the business
  • many other

2. Directions directly to your business doors

Google Maps has an integrated feature for directions to a specific location, and that includes the businesses within it.

After making the location on the Google map, all potential customers will be able to get the fastest route to get there by car, foot or public transport.

3. Get customer reviews

With the business profile, you can view customer reviews and opinions, so you can resolve a dispute more easily or use the data to improve service to a new level.

Potential customers can look at these reviews and choose your business over your competition.


A business profile is a really good solution for law firms and lawyers who want to have a strong internet presence but don't have the opportunity to advertise.

We at offer the "Local SEO" service, which includes the creation of a business profile, its optimization and its regular updates with news, new information and more.

You can learn more from our Local SEO page.

Let's make your business profile together!

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