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Search On 22 - Important changes to Google's search engine

Important: Some of the features described below may not yet be available for Bulgaria at the time this article was uploaded, or may have been removed after this article was uploaded.

On September 28, an online livestream of the Search On 22 event took place. There, Google announced the latest updates to the search engine, new cool and useful tools for business.

In the following lines, we will reveal in general what is happening with Google search for Bulgaria and how you can take advantage to improve the Internet presence of your business and get ahead of competitors in the field in which you operate.

Search for information by new innovative methods

Some time ago, Google announced Lens - a tool with which you can make visual requests to search for goods, read texts and translate.

Lately (and as can be seen from their last update) they really have an interest in enforcing it as a serious standard.

Visual search is currently ONLY available in English, but in the coming months it will be available in over 70 languages, including Bulgarian.

Different options for the end user

Google has always been about good user experience. To this end, they have placed the new visual search at the forefront to be easily accessible by the user. In this way, Google ensures the use and enforcement of the new features with visual search.

Easy orientation of your users and potential customers

One of the most useful features they showed off at the event was Live View. Through it, a user will be able to go to the street where your business is located and quickly find out which building it is.

Another benefit of Live View is the direct search option where a user will be taken directly to the best business in the area closest to them.

Food and meal search option for restaurants and fast food places

An extremely promising feature, both for consumers and businesses in the field. Unfortunately, there is no information on whether it will be active for Bulgaria.

The option will allow users to directly search for a dish they want and be shown results of businesses around them that offer the dish. 

Users will be able to see what makes a restaurant special

The importance of managing user ratings is becoming increasingly important. Google only reinforces this thesis. In the new update, artificial intelligence will analyze reviews and photos from customers and make a so-called "friend recommendation". 

With this, Google aims to make choosing a business more personal and easy for potential customers.

What does this mean for you as a business?

Google is trying to make local businesses a more and more important part of everyday user search. This necessitates the creation and proper optimization of business profiles.

Google My Business optimization is a long and ongoing process. One must carefully monitor the competition and constantly optimize the account to always be above the competition.

Fortunately, we at offer the "Local SEO" service, which includes creating a GMB profile and its optimization. Additionally, we manage user activity in the form of questions and ratings. You can learn more here.

More information and the full list of new features can be found here. Note that not all of them are available for Bulgaria.

Let's make your business profile together!

Let us prepare you for the next generation of Google search. We take on the task of always being at the top of Google while you focus entirely on your business.

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